The Comfort Of Enhanced Living - F1 Floor Plan

The Comfort Of Enhanced Living

There’s a lot to love about living spaces. They hold the promise of comfort, luxury, and a touch of home. Among the various options in Arlington, Virginia, the F1 floor plan at Alexan Fitzroy stands out as a jewel. It is a balance of space, design, and functionality. Dive into the best aspects of this layout and how it offers the comfort of enhanced living.

Spacious Living for Modern Needs

Imagine coming home to a place where every square foot caters to your needs. With a generous 1,186 SF, the F1 floor plan ensures you won’t feel boxed in. The living area is not just spacious but inviting. Perfect for those movie nights or lazy weekends. Then, adjacent to it, there’s a dedicated dining area. It’s ideal for sharing meals, making memories, or even working from home when you need a change of scene.

Two Bedrooms For Twice the Comfort

Bedrooms are our sanctuaries. It’s where we recharge, dream, and reflect. In the F1 floor plan, you get two of them! Each bedroom offers privacy, comfort, and enough space to make it truly yours. Whether it’s for family, guests, or setting up a hobby room, having two bedrooms provides flexibility in how you live and organize your space. Dream and relax in a space that is just the way you want it to be, plus with luxury here at Alexan Fitzroy.

Added Features for Enhanced Living

What makes a great home even better? Thoughtful additions. This floor plan boasts two bathrooms, ensuring no morning rush clashes or waiting in line. Each bathroom embodies luxury, designed to provide relaxation after a long day. But the cherry on top? The den. This bonus space can be whatever you want it to be. A study, a playroom, a quiet reading nook – the choice is yours. Its multifunctionality only adds to the overall charm of the floor plan.

The comfort of enhanced living awaits you here at Alexan Fitzroy’s F1 floor plan. Schedule a private tour today!