Roomy Living Spaces That Sparkle - B1 floor plan

Roomy Living Spaces That Sparkle


When hunting for a new home, the layout can make all the difference. The way a space looks affects how we live, work, and play in it. Alexan Fitzroy’s B1 floor plan shines bright in this area. With a total area of 1,070 SF, its cozy design, and thoughtful touches, it’s truly a place anyone would love to call home. Let’s take a closer look at roomy living spaces that sparkle!

Roomy Bedrooms to Stretch Out

Two bedrooms come with the B1 floor plan, and they’re quite spacious. Picture yourself walking into a room where there’s enough space for your bed, a reading chair, and maybe even a small desk. Plus, don’t forget about the walk-in closets. There’s no need to worry about where to put all your stuff. These rooms give a peaceful vibe, perfect for restful nights or lazy weekend mornings.

Bathrooms That Sparkle

There are two bathrooms in the B1 floor plan. That means no waiting in line when you’re getting ready in the morning! They come with ease and comfort in mind. With modern fittings and room to move, you’ll feel like you’re in a spa right at home. If you’re someone who likes to quickly hop in and out of the shower or soak in the tub, these bathrooms have your name on them. Make every moment enjoyable here at Alexan Fitzroy.

Living Spaces to Live It Up

The living area is spacious, welcoming, and just waiting for your personal touch. Picture this: a comfy sofa, a big TV, and lots of natural light. Adjacent to this space, there’s a special treat. A chef’s island and a wine fridge sit prettily! So, if you’re a cooking pro or a newbie, this kitchen space will truly inspire you. And for those who love a bit of outdoor time, some homes come with patios. It’s like having a mini getaway spot, right at home.

Our B1 floor plan homes feature roomy living spaces that sparkle. Schedule a tour with us at Alexan Fitzroy today!