Living Fresh and Healthy - front view women holding yoga mats

Living Fresh and Healthy

Looking for a place that adds a sparkle to your daily routine? Alexan Fitzroy might just be what you are looking for. Our community is all about creating a lifestyle that embraces both comfort and health. From our modern fitness center to the refreshing outdoor areas, every corner has your well-being in mind. Let’s take a stroll through our luxury amenity that helps with living fresh and healthy.

Healthy Living is Our Priority

Imagine having access to a state-of-the-art fitness center practically right at your doorstep. No more excuses about traffic or gym memberships. At Alexan Fitzroy, we’ve crafted a gym that caters to all fitness levels. If you’re starting your fitness journey or you’re a seasoned athlete, our range of equipment comes equipped to meet your needs. The center is spacious, well-lit, and packed with high-end machines that make working out a breeze. The atmosphere is so inviting, you might just find yourself looking forward to your next workout.

Fresh Air for Fresh Workouts

Sometimes, the four walls of a gym can feel limiting. That’s why we’ve extended our fitness philosophy outdoors. The outdoor fitness area is a breath of fresh air—literally. With plenty of space to stretch, run, or perform your HIIT workouts, this area brings a new dimension to your fitness regime. The best part? It’s right in your backyard. You can enjoy the sunshine and a gentle breeze as you work up a sweat. It’s the perfect blend of nature and fitness.

More Than Just a Place for Living

Alexan Fitzroy is more than a collection of living spaces; it’s a vibrant community. The shared areas foster connections among residents. You’ll find comfortable seating for casual get-togethers, open spaces for community events, and quiet corners for when you need a moment to yourself. These amenities are about bringing people together and creating a sense of belonging. So, if you’re looking to socialize or find solitude, our community spaces offer both.

Living fresh and healthy in luxury is a staple here at Alexan Fitzroy. Contact us and schedule a tour of our homes today!