Discovering A Hidden Oasis - D4 luxury floor plan

Discovering A Hidden Oasis

Have you ever thought that a practical and smart use of space couldn’t pack a big punch? Think again! The D4 layout at Alexan Fitzroy transforms 741 SF of space into a perfect mix of style, comfort, and practicality. It’s like discovering a hidden oasis in the middle of a busy city – a wonderful find that proves living well isn’t just about having a lot of the unnecessary. In this apartment, every inch comes with careful thought, showing how clever design can make any space feel grand. It’s a place where comfort meets convenience most stylishly.

A Hidden Oasis

Picture this: a bedroom that’s more than just a place to sleep. In the D4 floor plan, you get a spacious bedroom with a huge walk-in closet, keeping your space neat. And there’s a bonus – an additional den! This extra room is yours to use however you like. Maybe it’ll be your new office, a place for hobbies, or a quiet spot to relax. You decide, and there’s no limit to what you can do with it. It’s your own special area, dedicated to whatever you love doing most.

Connecting with Nature

At the center of the D4 layout, there’s a kitchen that does more than just help you make food. It’s got quartz countertops that bring a touch of class, making this kitchen a place where you can enjoy cooking and having fun. If you need something else other than cooking to help you unwind, certain homes have the bonus of a private balcony. Picture yourself enjoying your coffee in the morning or relaxing at night while looking out at the view. It’s a spot where you can connect with the outside world in peace and comfort. This kitchen and balcony together make your home a special place for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment.

A Foundation of Elegance

Every step you take in the D4 floor plan is on flooring that combines durability with the warm aesthetics of hardwood. This type of flooring goes through the entire apartment, giving it a consistent style that’s both useful and nice to look at. It’s simple to keep clean, can handle everyday wear and tear, and brings sophistication to each room. The floors are more than just attractive; they set the stage for all the happy moments and fun times in your home. They make every room feel warm and welcoming. With these floors, your home becomes a place where both style and practicality live in harmony.

The D4 floor plan at Alexan Fitzroy is more than just smart use of space; it’s about making life better. Each square foot comes with careful planning to make sure it’s both stylish and practical. This place isn’t just a regular apartment; it’s for people who want to live in a smart and fashionable way. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to make the most out of their living space. Join us in discovering a hidden oasis here at Alexan Fitzroy. Schedule a tour of our D4 luxury floor plan today!