Serenity, Luxury, and Style - Interior with hardwood-inspired flooring

Serenity, Luxury, and Style

When you step into the world of Alexan Fitzroy, you’re not just finding a place to live, but a space where comfort and elegance blend seamlessly to create a home that truly feels like your own. Our apartments come with you in mind, featuring amenities that cater to both your need for convenience and your desire for the extraordinary. Explore a home that has an abundance of serenity, luxury, and style.

Your Personal Luxury Boutique

Imagine having a boutique right in your bedroom. That’s the luxury you get with our spacious walk-in closets. You can sort, organize, and store your belongings with ease, making getting ready for the day or a night out an absolute pleasure. No more cluttered corners or cramped storage spaces. Your wardrobe deserves a home of its own, and at...

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Roomy Living Spaces That Sparkle - B1 floor plan

Roomy Living Spaces That Sparkle


When hunting for a new home, the layout can make all the difference. The way a space looks affects how we live, work, and play in it. Alexan Fitzroy’s B1 floor plan shines bright in this area. With a total area of 1,070 SF, its cozy design, and thoughtful touches, it’s truly a place anyone would love to call home. Let’s take a closer look at roomy living...

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Extraordinary Delights and a Colorful Ambiance - Fish and Chips

Extraordinary Delights and a Colorful Ambiance

At Alexan Fitzroy, we pride ourselves on being surrounded by a vibrant community rich in culture and full of places that captivate the essence of upscale living. One such place that holds is McNamara’s Pub...

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Chat, Play, and Grill in Arlington - a group of happy young friends near a campfire at glamping night pic by frimufilms on Freepik

Chat, Play, and Grill in Arlington

Living in Alexan Fitzroy is about experiencing life to its fullest in shared spaces that spark joy. One of the standout features of our community is our embrace of the outdoors, bringing residents closer to nature and each other. Let’s walk through our vibrant green heart and discover the pleasures waiting just outside your door. Chat, play, and grill in Arlington at Alexan...

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A Kitchen That Makes Your Eyes Sparkle - kitchen with quartz Countertop

A Kitchen That Makes Your Eyes Sparkle

Everyone wants a comfy place to call home. And there’s something even more satisfying about coming home to a place that feels just the perfect fit. We at Alexan Fitzroy offer you just that kind of comfort with our upscale amenities. Join us as we explore a kitchen that makes your eyes sparkle. Let’s get right into it!

A Kitchen That Makes You Smile

One of the first things...

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